Research Overview

About me

After graduating from the University of Kent in Philosophy, I achieved a masters in the Philosophy of AI at the University of York, supervised by Annette Zimmermann. I currently advise the non-profit We and AI, having worked on numerous projects with them including Better Images Of AI. Most recently, I worked with Patrick Haggard on the Ethics of Haptic Technology at UCL's Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience.
Presenting at the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness in New York
At the Better Images of AI guide launch
My research explores how theories of well-being and value intersect with normative, practical questions concerned with ethical human-robot interaction.More broadly, I research the moral value of consciousness. And, in particular: how through technology we might come to appreciate or reunderstand this value. At UCL, for example, I explored the value of tactile experience in light of digital touch technology. I am also working on ideas related to:
  • experientialism about welfare 
  • whether moral standing comes in degrees
  • AI transparency
  • death
  • consciousness as sufficient for moral standing