Nicholas Barrow

A picture of me against a dark background. I could do with a shave.

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Hi, I'm Nick. 

I am an analytic philosopher. 

My research ranges across (and between) the philosophy of technology, mind, well-being, and value theory. I am currently researching the Ethics of Haptic Technology at UCL's Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience.

As holder of the Annual Artificial Intelligence Scholarship, in 2022 I completed my Ma in the Philosophy of AI under the supervision of Annette Zimmermann at the University of York. Preceding this, I graduated with a first-class Ba(hons) in Philosophy from the University of Kent where I was awarded the Best Philosophy Dissertation prize. 

Research Overview

To date, my research has explored how we ought to determine when (if ever) robots deserve moral standing

In particular, I have considered how theories of well-being and value intersect with normative, practical questions concerned with ethical human-robot interaction.

More broadly, I research the moral value of consciousness. And especially how through technology we might come to appreciate or reunderstand this value. 

Alongside Patrick Haggard, at UCL I am researching the value of tactile sensory experience in light of digital touch technology.

 I am also working on ideas related to